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5 Accessories to Spice up any Outfit

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I am so incredibly excited to start off my blog with this post! I absolutely LOVE accessories. They are a great way to spice up any outfit. Not only that, but they are perfect as a gift for a friend or family member. This post is dedicated to giving you some ideas of accessories that can spice up your outfit, or be a great gift for someone else.


Bucket Hat

I ordered a bucket hat from Romwe about a month ago, and have been totally obsessed with it since! It is absolutely perfect for going to the pool, hanging out in my yard, and is SO cute for photo shoots! I've also seen some great ones on Urban Outfitters and Pacsun, though mine (the one in the photo) is from Romwe.



Bandanas are everywhere and so versatile! It's such a simple accessory but can be worn in so many different ways - as a headband, a scarf, or even a mask. I've been eyeing some nice ones on Etsy lately and am trying to narrow it down to my favorite one... or two.. or three.



Chokers are always a go-to for me. They work with any outfit, crew-neck, v-neck, scoop-neck, or even square-neck. Pearls, beads, shells, and stars - I love them all. They just give off such an awesome summer vibe.


Hair clips

Hair clips are the perfect way to get a cute hairstyle in less than a minute! All you have to do is clip them on and they are so cute! The clips from Target are some of my favorites.


Anything tie-dye

Tie-dye has really been making a comeback lately! I don't only just love the look of it, but its such a fun diy project and you can really make it your own! Although it's available at many stores, I love the idea of doing it yourself! Plus its a great activity to do while bored at home.

So there you go! Five accessories to spice up any outfit. I hope this helped you to figure out your next purchase to spice up either your outfit or a friend's!

See you next time!

~rachel :)

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