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How To Gain Instagram Followers Fast

First of all, I want to thank you guys for 1000 FOLLOWERS on Instagram! That's crazy! Plus, I've only had the account for about a month! I've had a lot of direct messages from people wondering how I gained so fast, so I thought, why not write a blog post about it to celebrate 1000 followers? I can't guarantee that these tips will help you gain THAT much, but I hope they can at least help you a little bit!

~Tip #1~

Stay Active

If you stay active on Instagram, posting 2-3 times a week, maybe even daily, your posts will reach out to so many more people! I was posting daily for a while, and I was gaining almost 50 followers a day! After about a week of that I started to run out of ideas for content to post, and I went almost a week without posting anything! During that week, I only gained about 50 followers throughout the whole week.

~Tip #2~


ALWAYS use hashtags! When I use hashtags I try to use a large variety of them so I can reach out to as many people as possible. For example, I use #aesthetic to reach out to a wide variety of people, and I use #fashionblogger to reach out to people within the tight niche. I recommend using all 30 hashtags to reach out to as many people as possible. By using hashtags (and the right ones) I have managed to reach out to over 150 people on a single post.

~Tip #3~

Creator account

Make sure that you have a creator account that correctly determines whether you are a blogger, youtuber, photographer, etc. When I am looking on an account and deciding whether or not to follow them, I often look to see what type of creator they are. If they don't have a creator account, I usually don't follow them because I am unsure of whether I will be interested in their content. But not only that, having a creator account also gives you access to your insights, which brings me to tip #4.

~Tip #4~

Use your insights to your advantage

Always look at your post insights and insights on your account overall. By using your insights, you can figure out who your audience is, what they are most interested in, what hashtags work best for you, what time of day is best for you to post, and so much more. Manasa from Sincerely Manasa Blog recently wrote a post about how to read your Instagram insights, so I have attached the link!

~Tip #5~

Interact with others

Interacting with others on Instagram, by liking, commenting, and direct messaging, (positively of course) is a win-win situation. You are getting your account out there, while also helping them to get their account out there! Overall, doing this is a great way to put yourself and your account out there, while also supporting others in your niche.

~Tip #6~

Keep your account "on task"

What I mean by this is that, if you have determined that your account is a fashion inspiration account, try not to randomly post about food, it will confuse your followers. However, I am all for a full lifestyle account, just try to determine that from the start so you don't confuse your followers.

~Tip #7~

Use Instagram Stories and Lives

By using your Instagram stories and by going live, it helps your followers determine that you are a genuine person, and that you like to be active and interact. This will keep your followers engaged in your content.

~Tip #8~

Ask Questions and make things Interactive

Trust me, a lot of your followers want to interact, they don't always want to simply watch what you are doing all day long. I recommend doing polls on your story, or ask your followers questions in your caption for them to answer in the comments. There are so many good ways to interact with your followers. I'm basically just saying to interact with your followers so they don't get bored.

~Tip #9~

Reply to Your Comments and DMs

I know this one sounds simple, but it's so important. If someone takes the time to positively comment on your post or DM you, don't ignore them! I can guarantee you if someone comments on your post (this does not count brands asking you to DM them) they want a response from you! If they DM you a question, they want an answer! If they DM you a compliment, say thank you, or compliment them back! That's what they want!

~Tip #10~


If you get a DM from another blogger, (in my case) youtuber, magazine, photographer, etc., asking you to collaborate, if you can, say yes! Usually you can somehow feature on their page, helping you gain followers, plus, it's so much fun and you can connect with someone new.

So, these are all of my tips to gain followers on Instagram! I hope they can help you! But remember, it's quality, not quantity, and these things take time! Don't get discouraged if you are stuck at a certain number, just continue to post and stay positive, and you'll get there! Good luck gaining!

~Rachel :)

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